Friday, February 13, 2015


Road people usually have some fixed base of operations.  After all, our road homes do not have unlimited storage.   Some people maintain thier old house - known as a Sticks and Bricks (S&B) - some do not, opting instead for storage lockers, kids garages or casitas.

So we were presented with the dilemma of what to do.  We bought the RV with the understanding between us, that we would live in it.  We were not about to buy an RV and let it rot in storage.

We will maintain the old house.  Mail, packages, absentee ballots, Juror summons etc will continue to go to our current abode, where my middle daugher is  keeper of homestead in our absence.  However while middle daughter becomes the "Creature in the Basement" (obscure reference to an utter horrid made-for-tv movie), and hosts her parents, the upper part will be rented out, contributing to our cash flow - maybe help pay for the motorhome.

But to do all this requires disposing of 25+ years of accumulated ...ummmm...stuff.  I've already disposed of my beloved radios (R-390A/URR and Heath HW-16), Claire finally went through her 3rd grade class notes.

We decided that we will store very little.  Pictures will be scanned.  Extras, collectables, precious things we have gathered will be a) sold at the garage sale, b) disbursed to family that wants them, c) donated, d) freelisted and e) taken to the dump.  My professional books will go to work where they will stay until I retire or the boot me out - at which time I will pass them out to my colleagues.
Our furniture has been described as being from the "Early Dormitory" collection, so there is no great loss there.   But we have hundreds - maybe thousands - of books we will need to dispose of.  Very few books will go into the RV.  Kindles are much more compact.

But we've only scratched the surface.   And there is a lot more pain to come.   I really don't want to get rid of a lot this stuff.

There are some things that we must store and a few (very few) things we with which we cannot part.  My first rifle - no value to anyone but me.  Some things from my mother I am holding for my niece.  I'm not sure yet what Claire will store.

Since I am a landlord (how do you think we are paying for this?), I will store the tools I use to turn property around.

I didn't know becoming a Citizen of the Road would be this painful.