Sunday, August 9, 2020

ThousandTrails: Santa Cruz Ranch RV Resort.

Name:  ThousandTrails Santa Cruz Ranch RV Resort (ENCORE)
Location:  Scotts Valley, California
Sewer:  Yes
Water:  Yes
Power:  30A
Cable:  None
WIFI:  Yes - slow.
Cellular:  Good
Comments:  The location is what makes this campground

This is an ENCORE park in Scotts Valley, California nestled in near the old Seagate Corporate HQ.   As an ENCORE park it has limited availability to Thousand Trails members with certain enhancements.  In this case, they reserve 10 spots for Thousand Trails.   There is a small section reserved for tent campers.

Scotts Valley is a small town once famous for being the home of Seagate Technologies and Borland Software.   Both these businesses are now gone - Seagate to nearby Cupertino and Borland to that great computer store in sky.  But the bones of those once great companies remain.  The RV park is nestled in near the old Seagate Headquarters at 917 Disc Drive.  Hmmm.

 Scotts Valley today seems to be a bedroom community for Silicon Valley workers willing to brave the rigors of the CA-17 commute.   Grocery stores (Nob Hill and Safeway) and other amenities usually found in suburban locations are near the RV park. 

In the park itself, spots are very narrow and short and paved.  With a 37ft Motorhome we barely fit with impinging of the white line that we were warned both verbally and in writing about.   The toad just barely fit behind.

There were small sections of grass at each with a nice serviceable picnic table.  There is a pool and hot tub available to all residents but due to the covid 19 restrictions, we did not avail ourselves.  The park has a large laundry room and the prices are very reasonable.  The park is well maintained.

Most of the residents of this RV resort are permanent.  It is a sad commentary on the price of housing in the area that these permanent residents, in 2020, are paying $550.00 per week.

The close proximity of CA-17 makes for constant noise though we did not find it oppressive.  We found the staff to be excellent and very accommodating.

What makes this RV resort notable is it proximity to Santa Cruz and the Monterey bay area.  It is at most 10 minutes away from the beach resort town of Santa Cruz and the world famous beach boardwalk.  Most of the attractions of the Santa Cruz were close due to the covid-19 outbreak.'

Monday, August 3, 2020

Thousand Trails: Lake of the Springs

Name:  ThousandTrails Lake of the Springs
Location:  Oregon House, California
Sewer:  not likely
Water:  Yes
Power:  50A in some sites
Cable:  None
WIFI:  At the lodge - slow.
Cellular:  Non existent
Comments:  A true RV resort very appropriate for families with children.

In Oregon House California between Yuba City and Grass Valley is Los Verjeles Dam.  Built in 1918,  this worthwhile structure on Dry Creek is the dam for Lake Mildred or as Thousand Trails likes to call it, Lake of the Springs.

With 556 individual spots, Lake of the Springs is a very large RV, cabin and tent resort that is also open to the general public.  The lake is of course the main draw, as is a very fine lodge.

Once you enter the resort from the Ranger Station, you drive up the mountain ridge past the I and G sections.  These sections are somewhat desert like and probably the least desirable sections in the resort - however they do have a number of sites that are occupied by annual campers.  Probably due to cell phone coverage.

At the peak of the hills you will notice a "cell phone" parking area.  In the cell phone parking area you can - if you have the right carrier (AT&T?) - get a marginal cell,     There is no cell phone coverage in the rest of the resort.  The lodge, further down the hill has marginal WiFi.

If you are in Motorhome with a toad, the recommendation is that you drive all the way down to the resort grocery / ice cream store, disconnect the toad in the large parking lot and then go site scouting.

It appears that most sites have 50Amp power and water and there is a smattering of sewer sites scattered about, mostly near the rest rooms.  The exception is "X" section which was reportedly built for PG&E crew which is all sewer sites and as result usually full.   Thousand Trails seems to be slowly converting the sewer sites to Cabins.

There are plenty of facilities for activities for individuals and groups including a large group BBQ areas and a rarity among Thousand Trails Resorts, a baseball diamond.   They had a very fine children's playground.   Boats can be rented for roaming around on Lake Mildred.

 We were there during the Covid-19 outbreak and lot of the facilities, including a very fine looking pool area and the lodge restaurant were closed.

We were there for Fourth of July weekend - we needed to get the dog out of the madness of the Sacramento fireworks.  The lower sites near the lake were full, but the upper sites near the ridge had plenty of openings.

The staff was pleasant and helpful.

Because of the cellular service and lack of wifi, I would not recommend this campground for anyone work camping - there is an Indian Casino in Oroville that is probably re appropriate.  But if you are looking for a getaway Thousands Trails, this is one.