Friday, January 29, 2016

Tale of the Toad

As anyone who drives a motorhome will tell you, you need a toad.

For the newcomer, a toad is play on the word "towed".  It is motorhome slang for a car that is dragged behind a motorhome.

Most people that have motorhomes, drive the motorhome to a location and then visit the local attractions in the "toad".   Hitting the local grocery store is much less of an adventure in a toad than trying to maneuver a 40 foot monster in a limited space parking lot.

It also one of the most expensive options in a motorhome.

In addition to purchase of the car itself, you have to
  1. Buy a tow-bar.  This can be around $2,000.00
  2. Buy an auxiliary braking system for car.  This is the infamous "Brake Buddy" or other braking system.  These things start around $1500.00.
  3. Buy a base plate for the car.  This is over and above the tow bar.  This is the car component to which the tow bar attaches.  This can be from $1,000.00 on up depending on the installation
  4. Modify the lights on the car so they can be driven by the motorhomes lights.  This can be a couple of hundred.
Every motorhome I've seen lately has a hitch receiver on it so we don't count that.  But it all adds up fast.  Early in this operation a guy at Camping World told me that I should expect to spend about  $6K.  He was about right.

So all in all, it's a pretty significant undertaking.  But its very important for a Citizen of the Road to have a Toad.