Saturday, April 21, 2018

Casino Camping

For a while now we have been based in the Sacramento region.  We done a little local exploring - usually within a days drive of Sacramento and we have discovered the joys of Casino Camping.

There are number of casinos in California - all associated with a Native American tribe.  Some of them have RV campgrounds attached to try and attract the RV set.   These turn out to be very cool places to park.

We've done two now.

The Rolling Hills Casino near Corning California.  For us, this is a jaunt up the I-5 from Sacramento.

Rolling Hills consists of a) RV Park, b) two hotels, c) Casino and d) Equestrian center.  One of the neat things about Rolling Hills is that they have a low/no cost kennel on site so that travelers can stop, put Fido in the kennel rather keep him in the hot car and enjoy a couple of hours of relaxation in the casino and restaurants. 

Rolling Hills isn't really a destination - it's more of a way point.  They really didn't have much more than the casino and restaurants to attach people.  I think most of the people there are travelers along I-5 who stop to refresh.  When we were there they did not have any live entertainment.  But the restaurants - which range from a high end Steak House to a coffee shop are all good.

We enjoyed our time there and will keep in mind when traveling up that way.

Black Oak on the other hand, is a destination.  This place describes itself as a "resort" and it certainly is one.  It is brand new - we think we were first users of the RV spot we were in.

Located near Yosemite in Tuolumne California this place has something for everyone.  There is a Casino, a large bowling alley, one of the largest arcades I've seen, a resort hotel and a very large, very nice RV park.  There are a large number of dining options including the incredible 7 Sisters high end restaurant.

The employees there are extremely nice and will bend over backwards getting you what you need/want.  Even the Security Guards are friendly and nice.

There was live entertainment that was actually pretty good.

I predict this will be a hot property during the summer season due to it's proximity to Yosemite and its' ability to entertain the kids while the parents relax in one of the restaurant/bars. 

The downside is that it is a bit out of the way.  We went down to 129 and crossed over which was fairly easy, but the long way there.  We made the mistake to trying to go home on 49 and discovered that highway 49 is not RV friendly.

That being said, Black Oak is definitely on the list for a return visit.

Until next time,
Jerald, Claire and Ginger the Wonder Dog.