Saturday, June 29, 2019

Week 1 - Sacramento to Seaside Oregon

We finished work on Friday, and took off from Sacramento Saturday morning and headed up the I-5.  Our first stop was in Corning California at the Rolling Hills Casino.

Rolling Hills is our favorite California Casino and it offers fine hotel rooms, an excellent RV park - one you can get into, some decent restaurants and of course the Casino.  It advertises itself as being 1/2 way between Portland and Los Angeles.  Other than the casino, there is not much in Corning and it is more of waypoint than a destination.  However the lunch buffet can't be beat and we had to leave a little money (no more than $20.00 per head) on the tables.

Heading on North we ran out of daylight (a problem with the toad keeps us from driving at night) near the 7 Feathers casino in Oregon.

 This was a place we had never been before and it is the most "Las Vegasy" Indian Casino we ever seen.  Very large, ornate with lots of restaurants and bars - most importantly a smoke free portion of the Casino with a very fine sports bar.  It books top entertainment - Creedence was playing the night we were there, but the show, sadly for us, was sold out.

It caters to the mobile public offering truckers a large lot with free shuttles, a very fine RV resort that compares favorably with any other RV resort we've been in, but most importantly for us a "RV Dry" parking lot that is totally free.

These are long spots in the parking lot - long enough for the RV, but we had to park the toad elsewhere, not far from the Casino (also with a free shuttle)

The next morning we took off again and hit our first destination - The Evergreen International Air and Space Museum in McMinnville Oregon.

This place has 4 buildings:  1)  A space museum that has artifacts from the Space Race, some retired missiles and some cold war aircraft including an SR-71 (with payloads) and Global Hawk (yay team!) mockup.  2.)  A large movie theater for aviation related movies - that was sadly down the day we were there.  3.) An aviation museum that contains a large variety of aircraft including the infamous Spruce Goose of Howard Hughes fame.  Lastly and certainly not least a waterpark for the kiddies that has a retired 747 on the roof with waterslides coming out of it.
Ginger and the Evergreen Waterpark

 But one of the best and unadvertised features of this place is that if you are going/have went to the Museum, they don't mind you boondocking in their parking lot.  This is quiet, paved flat, has roaming security and is one of the best boondocking experiences you can have.  The dog was particularly happy with the open fields around it for squirrel observations.
The view out of the Front

 After touring the Museum we took off for Seaside Oregon and the Thousand Trails there.  We will spend 4 days there.

A little more RV friendly than Santa Barbara.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Alaska is upon us...


After multiple years of planning, we are taking the RV to Alaska. We will both be taking extended leaves from work.

I've spent the last couple of months repairing the RV, installing a WiFiRanger and "culling the cargo" to try and get some of the weight down.

We will go up the I-5 to Seaside Oregon, then to Birch Bay Washington and will most likely enter Canada at Aldergrove, then to Dawson City BC for the start of the Alcan.

From there things a bit nebulous (no sense in over planning these things) but will most likely include Laird Hot Springs and Whitehorse.

We are excited beyond belief.  Watch this space for further developments.